GenIE System

The Genome Integrative Explorer System(GenIE-Sys) based on a flat files Content Management System which is a dedicative in-house system to facilitate external groups in setting up their own web resource for searching, visualizing, editing, sharing and reproducing their genomic and transcriptomic data while using project raw data(gff3,fasta,fatsq) as an input.

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GenIE Sys

A few reasons to use GenIE Sys..

⦿ When you have noval genome data or need to explore biological insights using your own web resource.
⦿ When you need to keep your data private without uploading to unknown remote server.
⦿ Need to integrate existing tools with BLAST,JBrowse or GeneList.
⦿ When you need easy and smooth transition between different tools.
⦿ It's totally free under GNU General Public license.

⦿ GenIE-Sys is quick and easy to install to your own webserver less than 5 minutes.
⦿ Maintain, updates and installation of new tools are simple.
⦿ You don't need to worry about writing a web resource from the beginning, feel free to use this as a framework to build your own resource.

⦿ You will get totally free dedicative in-house web resources with different types of genomic/analysis tools and easily customisable themes within few minutes to search, visualize, edit, share or reproduce your results.

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